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VBA Awards Gi4 the Central Office Legislative Consultants Contract

Updated: Oct 31, 2019


Leesburg -- As a respected management consulting firm, Gi4 was awarded the contract for "Regulatory Drafting and Economic Impact Analysis Consulting Services" to assist with the implementation of recent legislation affecting the mortgage industry. In this role, Gi4 will assist with analysis of the legislation, drafting of regulations, and development of economic models of the expected impacts.

With a push to ensure that VA home loans remain competitive with other mortgage products, the Veterans Benefits Administration Loan Guaranty Service is tasked to revise high priority regulations to ensure that Veterans Affairs keeps pace with the industry. Because the regulatory process can take upwards of 18-24 months under the best of circumstances, it is critical that Loan Guaranty maintain momentum on these projects, while maintaining protections for Veterans and military borrowers.

Gi4 Management Consulting division will assist VBA with regulatory and economic impact analysis

"The Loan Guaranty program has allowed Veterans and Military members (and me) to purchase homes years ahead of our civilian colleagues. It's important to maintain the value of the program along side the industry mortgage products, while protecting Veterans from potential predatory practices," said Linda Mosel, retired Army Lt. Colonel, and Gi4 founder.

About Gi4, LLC

Gi4 is an innovative information technology company focused on solutions that make organizations run faster, leaner, and more competitively, by employing a human-centered design approach. We leverage centralized data and software applications to improve customer experience and increase employee job satisfaction. We use the inherent capabilities of powerful cloud platforms to centralize structured and unstructured data, and applications.

Gi4 is headquartered near Washington DC, with employees across the nation.

Woman-Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, HUBZone Small Business

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