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Gi4 Wins Regulatory Support Contract for VBA’s Loan Guaranty Service



Gi4 Wins Regulatory Support Contract for VBA’s Loan Guaranty Service

LEESBURG, Va. — Gi4, LLC will provide consulting and regulatory drafting services for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Loan Guarantee Service in a 5-year, $5.5 million contract awarded September 3, 2020.

Gi4 will support Veterans Benefits Administration projects streamlining and clarifying existing rules, as well as providing research, analysis, and public comment collection on proposed rules to improve home loan access and servicing for veterans.

“Supporting servicemembers has been our mission from day one,” said Gi4 President Linda Mosel. “As a veteran myself, I’m ready to do everything I can to improve the home ownership experience for fellow Veterans.”

Gavel and legal scales with an open book with the Gi4 logo.
Gi4 supports complex regulatory processes for VA

Under the Veteran’s Benefits Administration (VBA), Loan Guaranty (LGY) helps veterans become homeowners by connecting them with private lenders and guaranteeing a portion of the loan, lowering risks for lenders and veterans and helping lenders offer veterans more favorable terms.

Taking a human-centered approach in line with LGY’s mission, Gi4 will provide insights based on learning the true intent of each rule and how it will affect veterans as the ultimate beneficiaries.

The award continues Gi4’s original 2019-2020 contract providing similar support to the Loan Guaranty Service.

About Gi4

Gi4 brings years of management consulting and training support services to the contract from previous work supporting VA projects and contracts, including conducting regulatory impact analysis for the Veterans Benefits Administration and providing management support for the VA’s Financial Services Center. From its inception as an IT systems integrator in 2013, Gi4 strives to make government human-centered, data-driven, transparent and efficient.

For more information about Gi4, please visit

Contact: Rodney Caswell, Executive Vice President

Telephone: 571-291-5511

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