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Gi4 awarded subcontract to prepare military service members for civilian life


LEESBURG, Va.—Gi4 was awarded a subcontract from CALIBRE Systems, Inc. supporting the Transition Assistance Program (VA TAP) for the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA TAP is a single award five-year contract valued at $135 million that provides training and counseling to service members as they transition from military to civilian life.

Soldier in half civilian clothes and half military uniform
Gi4's Benefits Advisors assist transitioning service members as they prepare for civilian life

With approximately 200,000 servicemembers transitioning to civilian life per year, accessible, clear counseling and training are critical to empowering servicemembers and their families to identify and achieve their goals post-separation.

Under the contract, Gi4 will provide counseling and program management services for military bases implementing VA TAP in the south-central United States. Gi4 personnel will guide servicemembers through initial counseling for current service members to identify their transition pathway and goals, briefings on benefits for veterans and their dependents, and help servicemembers connect with resources in the communities to which they plan to relocate.

As a company founded to serve servicemembers and the institutions that support them, Gi4 believes that the TAP project directly aligns with our mission and goals in a hands-on, concrete way.

“This contract is of personal importance to me,” Gi4 President Retired Lt. Colonel Linda Mosel said, “because when I transitioned to civilian life, it wasn’t easy. Learning about the VA was like drinking from a firehose. They had so much to offer, but I didn’t know where to find it or what was available.”

Gi4’s TAP team will assist veterans in navigating the benefits system and identifying which benefits they wish to use during the transition process. [GA2]

“It’s also important to help veterans learn about benefits they don’t know that they don’t know,” Mosel said, “Buying a house, for example, might not be top-of-mind for a soldier used to base housing—but it’s important, and the VA has fabulous benefits available.”

In addition to the hands-on on-site counseling, Gi4’s team will provide management services for the TAP project, including regional coordination under Calibre.

About Gi4

Gi4 brings years of management consulting and training support services to the contract from previous work supporting VA projects and contracts, including conducting regulatory impact analysis for the Veterans Benefits Administration and providing management support for the VA’s Financial Services Center. From its inception as an IT systems integrator in 2013, Gi4 has striven to make government human-centered, data-driven, transparent and efficient.

For more information about Gi4, please visit

Contact: Rodney Caswell, Executive Vice President

Telephone: 571-291-5511



CALIBRE is an employee-owned management consulting and digital transformation company supporting government and industry. CALIBRE delivers enduring solutions that solve management, technology, and program challenges in the areas of enterprise information management; facility and land management; finance, logistics, and cost management; and training and education.

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