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Gi4 Awarded VHA's Healthcare Clearinghouse EDI Contract

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

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Gi4 reaches over 850 insurance payers to get eligibility data in real time, as well as perform the industries leading other health insurance (OHI) discovery.

3/29/2018 Increasing VHA's ability to verify eligibility and locate other health insurance (OHI) payers, Gi4 has been awarded the eInsurance Healthcare Clearinghouse Support contract. Under this nineteen month contract, Gi4 processes millions of EDI transactions connecting VA to commercial healthcare payers (typically, insurers).

When Veterans seek non-service related care at VA facilities, the Department can collect payment from the primary insurance company for care at the facility. The Healthcare Clearinghouse (HCH), brokers the transactions between VA and the insurers. VA Revenue Operations collected just over $3 billion during FY17 in revenue from 3rd party insurance billing for non-service connected care delivered or paid by VA to Veterans who also carried private 3rd party insurance.

Under the new contract, Gi4 is expanding access to a broader payer base, increasing the likelihood of insurance collections for VA. Gi4 is using the powerful tools and increased payer reach from TransUnion to increase the service levels and increase revenue recovery.

"The key benefit to VA is cost savings. Our team's unsurpassed ability to locate 3rd party insurers will save VA the cost of care at a greater scale" quotes Linda Mosel, President of Gi4.

Gi4 was founded in 2013 by Linda A. Mosel, a career U.S. Army officer. The company was created on the principle that technology-powered solutions can improve work quality, healthcare, and quality of life. Our solutions are focused on Federal Government agencies that serve our Veterans and Military Service members.

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