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2020 Virtual Turkey Trot

Veterans Day (Nov. 11) through Thanksgiving's Eve (Nov. 25)

2 Weeks.

26.2 Miles.

$100 per finisher donated to VETSports.

What is the 2020 Turkey Trot?

Gi4 employees and their families are invited to raise money for veterans by completing a virtual marathon—running or walking 26.2 cumulative miles at any pace and at any time between Veteran's Day and the night before Thanksgiving (November 11 through 25). You can run all 26.2 miles at once or you can take your time and complete 2 miles a day—whatever works for you.


Gi4 will donate $100 per employee/$50 for each family member who completes the challenge to VETSports. 

How do I virtually race?

1. Register for the race here by November 10. There's no fee. 

2. Dowload Strava for your phone or tracking device here and join the Team Gi4 club. Over the next two weeks, record your runs using Strava. When you reach 26.2 miles total, you'll be counted as a finisher, and Gi4 will donate $100 to VETSports on your behalf. You will also receive a finisher's package and a certificate of completion in the mail following the conclusion of the race.

Who is eligible to race?

Gi4 employees and their direct family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and spouse, including direct step-relatives) may join the race. Gi4 employees who finish the race will have $100 donated to VETSports on their behalf, and family members who finish the race will have $50 donated to VETSports on their behalf. 

Are there prizes?


First Place—The competitor who completes the challenge first will receive a $50 VISA gift card

Second Place—The competitor who completes the challenge second will receive a $25 VISA gift card.

Family Trotter Prize—The Gi4 employee who has the most family members sign up for and complete the challenge will also receive a $25 VISA gift card.

What do finishers get? 

Besides the satisfaction of exercise for yourself and the joy of helping others, marathon finishers will receive a certificate of completion, complementary commemorative performance race shirt, a VETSports running/walking backpack, and a medal.

What is VETSports?

Founded in 2012 by three combat Veterans, VETSports is 501C(3) non-profit that aims to set the standard for how to improve Veterans’ physical, mental, and emotional health through sports, physical activity, and community involvement.


By offering free membership to veterans, VETSports provides thousands of Veterans with continuous opportunities to reintegrate into their communities through sports, community service, events, and partnerships.

Learn more about VETSports at their website here.


How else can I contribute to VETSports?

Eligible Gi4 employees may cash-out their PTO in exchange for a donation made on their behalf to VETSports, and employees who wish to donate cash to VETSports may make a pre-tax donation via check through Gi4. 

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