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Gi4 is dedicated to supporting the mission of our Federal Government clients through a Human-Centered Design philosophy, innovative Information Technology Solutions, and rigorous Program Management. We are particularly focused on those Departments, Agencies and programs that benefit US Service Members and Veterans.


To be a high value services and product supplier that honors our U.S. Military heritage, ensures the success of our client’s mission, and promotes the well-being of our employees.



We Honor Our Creator

The same Creator who grants us “certain unalienable Rights” and the “Blessings of Liberty,” also tasks us with the awesome privilege to keep His commands. We apply those commands to our business operations: love one another, keep the law of the land, treat others as we’d want to be treated, and act with honesty and integrity in all that we do.

We Honor Our Customers & Partners

We believe in the importance of our clients’ missions. We partner with them as they serve our nation. Their success is paramount and fundamentally defines our success.  We believe in partnership, trust, integrity, mutual support and team spirit. These qualities are synonymous with growth and execution. We value long term relationships over short term gain.

We are Committed to Community &  Social Responsibility

We believe in the transformational power of faith, hope and love in the lives of individuals and the communities in which we live and serve. We volunteer in our communities and are committed to a sustainable future by improving the social, economic, and environmental well being thereof.

We Honor Our Employees

We promote individual excellence, integrity, positive attitude, strong work ethic, creative initiative, professional pride, and company commitment – and know these qualities are essential to continued success and company culture. We take care of the people who take care of our clients. We strive to grow our employees both personally and professionally.





IT operations support should provide executive-level service to every user every time. The Gi4 IT Service Management model executes the IT mission with a laser focus on the user experience. We implement the processes and cultural training necessary to ensure that IT support personnel understand and plan for their impact on the mission.



Gi4 founders and personnel have hands-on experience developing new software and integrating Common-off-the-Shelf (COTS) systems for public applications with both commercial and Federal Government clients. Gi4 employs Scrum methodology with Certified Scrum Masters to deliver quality code early and often. For legacy and existing systems, we fully embrace the DevOps approach to maximize operational stability and long term product support.


We are passionate about our people, and make the investments necessary for optimal workforce acquisition, management and optimization. We apply those same principles and processes to assist with our client base. From strategic talent acquisition, to quality process frameworks, to training and knowledge management solutions, Gi4 has experience with HR/Capital Management at the Federal scale.

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